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It’s a little ironic that my favorite store of all time is Home Goods. We’ve got no space for random knick-knacks or oversized furniture in our studio, but that doesn’t keep me from daydreaming about how a collection of bronzed deer antlers would look so perfect hanging over an enormous weathered credenza. We’ll have a dining room one day, right? So when it came time to pick out some furniture to create lounge areas for our reception, I was like a kid in a candy store. And this candy store…it was gooooood.

After meeting with Michelle Edgemont to brainstorm design options for our new venue, it was decided that we would throw a good chunk of money into renting out some furniture pieces to create two lounge areas off of the dance floor. I was really apprehensive about how the new floor plan at The Liberty Warehouse would work with our cocktail-style party, so although renting furniture is expensive, I think it will go a long way in creating an intimate setting and finally put my mind at ease that our wedding vision is not all lost. Michelle gave me the option of modern furniture or vintage-style furniture, and when I opted for the latter, she pointed me in the direction of Patina Vintage Rentals.

Personal picture

I emailed Patina to set up an appointment to visit their warehouse and received a very lively response from Kim, Client Happiness Ninja + Dream Fulfiller. From her title alone, I wanted to be her best friend. Patina began as an event planner who was frustrated with her options of standard, uninspired furniture rentals for her events. When she realized that the pieces she wanted to use were sitting in her very own home, she decided to start her own rental company of carefully curated vintage pieces. Furniture and props are meticulously selected and usually come to their warehouse in poor condition, but with some love, attention, and funky fabric, each piece is brought back to life. I actually got to meet Patina’s upholsterer and see some of their work in progress while I was at their studio. That lady has her work cut out for her fo’ sho’.

The Cobain sofa. Gorgeous. / Images via Patina Vintage Rentals

One day after work, I hopped on the L train to Bushwick to scope out Patina’s inventory. (BTW, Bushwick is cool. Planning this wedding has brought us to areas of Brooklyn that we wouldn’t usually venture to, but each new neighborhood has us saying, “Yeah, we could live here.”) As soon as I walked in, my heart skipped a beat. The floors and walls were brimming with stuff I wanted needed to have in our future home. Some of the furniture was arranged in vignettes, but most were just lined up in the middle of the room, waiting to be called upon to fulfill their duty.

I’ve died and gone to vintage furniture heaven. / Personal picture

Patina also has a pretty extensive collection of antique prop pieces including lamps, doors, mirrors, sewing machines and TVs, and even teepees. Teepees! If we were having a summer outdoor wedding, I’d be all over those teepees.

Can you even?!?! I cannot. I’m currently on a mission to justify my need to have a teepee in my life. / Image via Patina Vintage Rentals

I sat with Kim (who is so friggin’ cool, I can’t stand it) and went over the plan. Michelle had left me with several options of how to set up the lounge,六和彩精英网, and Kim helped me select a layout that would work with our budget. Once the boring details of budget and logistics were out of the way, the real fun began. Kim walked the warehouse with me, asking if there were any pieces of furniture that I was drawn to. Any? How about all of them? I couldn’t keep focused; my eyes kept darting from one swoon-worthy item to the next. Leather settee?! Pallet cart coffee table?! Russian red velvet sofa?! I briefly considered doing away with all the provided tables and chairs from The Liberty Warehouse—let’s just create lounges all over the place, to hell with the budget!

Personal picture

Sensing my sudden ADD, Kim suggested we start with the couches since they’ll be the largest pieces in the lounge. My heart jumped at the sight of a pair of teal velvet sofas (hello wedding color!), but we decided to go with the largest sofas they have to maximize seating. Kim added that because the sofas’ armrests are so substantial, people often end up perching on them as well. Love it.

This ginormous Langston sofa will be at our wedding. / Personal picture

We continued to make our way around the warehouse, me frequently squealing with delight at the sight of something I just had to have: a pair of mod-cloth chairs, a chartreuse wingback chair, a mirrored coffee table…it was pretty much everything really. Kim noted all my selections, gave her advice on what pairs with what, steered me clear of pieces that would blow the budget, and even shared in my squealing from time to time. I can’t imagine her job ever gets old.

Personal picture

Once we completed our round of the floor, I noticed my wish list of items was getting quite long and the Budget Monster started to rear its ugly head. Kim assured me that she would crunch the numbers and get us the best possible deal to keep us in budget, but I was still dreading the final tally and already mentally ranking the pieces we had picked out in case we had to make some cuts. But she truly has earned her title as Happiness Ninja + Dream Fulfiller because when I received Patina’s proposal, I almost didn’t believe it. We were given a “rock star” discount, the late night pick-up fees were waived, and the sisal area rugs were thrown in free of charge. Happiness Ninja: 1, Budget Monster: 0.

Frolicking at Patina’s warehouse and hanging out with Kim is quite possibly the most fun a bride-to-be can have. Inspiration oozes from every nook and cranny of their studio,2015全年资料区, and my bride brain was on overload in the best possible way. My only regret is that we’ll have to return all that amazing furniture at the end of the night. I’ll feel just like Cinderella at midnight.

Image via B+ Movie

Nevertheless, I am craaaazy-excited to see our lounge areas come to life on our wedding day. Until then, we’ll have to settle for my crappy PowerPoint mock-ups.

Images via Patina Vintage Rentals

One day I will be a good blogger and learn Photoshop or Illustrator or something…but even in crappy PowerPoint, it still looks divine, no?

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